Fax via Email

AFAX uses the Internet instead of fax phone lines to send and receive faxes. You won’t need to use any equipment, phone lines, or install any applications -- you can send your faxes directly to any device you already use for your emails or browsing the Internet. Send faxes to existing numbers in Canada, the United States, and Internationally* directly from your email account. 

Just use our simple email format [yourfaxnumber], enter the subject line, add the content of your cover page as the body of your email, attach your PDF files and hit SEND.


Schedule Fax Delivery

Review your fax history including detailed overviews of sent/received faxes, account information and manage your billing details from our easy portal manager. Arrange to send your fax at virtually anytime, anywhere using the AFAX Portal.

Don’t come in early or stay late in the office just to send your important faxes… schedule your faxes to go out any time you want.


Fax from your Smart Phone

Are you someone who’s on-the-go? Are you a part of a business and would like to have your faxes available on your smartphone? Do you need to send important faxes while on the road? 

AFAX allows you to send faxes directly from your phone’s email without requiring any additional applications. Your sent and received emails through AFAX’s servers are completely secured using 256-bit encryption.


Drop us an email and we will send you a discount coupon on any selected plan.


Try It for free

Our Free360 Plan is completely functional service to send your Fax documents


Make the switch

Purchase or switch to a full plan at anytime – view our plans


Rapid & Secure Activation

Register now to get up-and-running within minutes. You may choose to use your Local or Toll-Free Fax number or transfer your existing Fax number when signing up.

Review our unique plans to find one that best suits your needs. Our process is simple and risk-free - you may change, upgrade or cancel your plan anytime with no penalties.

Select a plan and start signing up, you will get full credit back anytime you decided to cancel your service within 30 days and if you continue using the service, we will credit your account for 30 days. 100% risk free.


Large volume of Faxing

Do you have multiple pages to fax? AFAX allows you to send hundreds of pages at the quick click of a button -- no more waiting for Fax confirmations or paper jams!
Tired of standing around a machine to receive your Faxes? AFAX will send all your incoming Fax pages directly to your email. Say goodbye to waiting for your fax machine to catch up! 

AFAX is Fast, Secure and Reliable. 
Try sending a sample Fax using your mobile device or computer today. See for yourself how AFAX’s distinct features work together to create a unique service that simply cannot be competed with. 


Working remote & across Multiple offices

Select your local exchange phone number to reduce costs and allow your local customers to reach you free of charge. Even better, in the long run you can move your existing Fax numbers or spare Telephone numbers to AFAX and use them as your own local number.

Please read more about the rate plan and associated costs in our FAQ.



Using AFAX is simple as using your email; no special training nor skill is required. Alternatively, you have an option to use AFAX secure portal, receive and send your faxes by that and select to get the notification only on your email or phone when you get the Faxes.

We have modern and secure RESTful API for companies who decided to integrated with AFAX Platform for sending and receiving their faxes.

We also able to customize a secure private client application for any type of businesses, allow them to work with their Faxes need securely from anywhere in the world.

Do you need more, still want to use your office fax machine, WorkCentre, MFC systems without paying big buck for traditional land-line? Let us know – we have a solution for you.

Please use our self-service help line 24x7 to take advantage of FAQ. 

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