Israel receives record-breaking 1,900 North American olim in August

Nefesh BNefesh is well on target to reaching 5,000 olim by the end of the calendar year.

West Bank outposts to receive NIS 20m. in support funds, Kahana tells Knesset

The thousands of Israelis who live in these communities feel like second-class citizens even though they work, pay taxes and serve in the IDF, said Kahana.

Another COVID crisis: A quarter of parents cant afford school supplies

A new survey showed that COVID-19 hit economically-vulnerable populations particularly hard, making school-supply shopping an added challenge.

Israel resumes World Cup qualifying with duel at Faroe Islands

Ruttensteiner’s National Team has three contests in a row, with Austria and Denmark clashes also on tap.



Thousands of entry requests to Israel by Jewish tourists remain unanswered

Many foreign citizens with relatives in Israel want to come for High Holy Days but are in limbo as applications are unanswered, or answered only at the last moment

EMT performs two successful CPRs In Eilat in one day

This past Friday, EMT Natan Balti of Eilat successfully performed CPR on two patients

First-ever Bahraini ambassador to the Jewish state arrives in Israel

Bahrain normalized relations with Israel in September of 2020 as part of the regional Abraham Accords, alongside the UAE.

Residence in Jaffa to open for mentally debilitated

Nurit Center is to be located within walking distance of sea.

Controversial budget proposal submitted to Knesset

Key reforms opposed by Labor, Meretz threaten its passage including agricultural reform and raising the retirement age for women.


Grapevine August 31, 2021: Biased Behavior

Movers and shakers in Israeli society.

State comptroller criticizes Netanyahu’s gov. for COVID management

Delays in decisions and unwillingness to listen to experts repeatedly caused Israel to find itself in a new outbreak.

How Gantz upset the coalition by meeting Mahmoud Abbas - analysis

Gantz met with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday, upsetting both the Left and the Right.


Bennett surrendered to Biden on Iran, says opposition

Bennett collapsed when he should have said Mr. President, I respect your view, but we dont need permission to defend ourselves.


Herzog: Har Bracha settlement is in my DNA, as an Israeli, as a Jew

The president was formally the head of the Labor Party and a supporter of a two-state resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

How did a Hongkonger girl from Turkey land up studying in Israel?

In Israel, she said, “You learn to enjoy life in its basic charms.

Ikea invests $22.5m. in buy now, pay later company Jifiti

The fact that this is Ikeas first investment in an Israeli company is a huge honor that underscores the added value that Jifiti brings to the industry as a whole.k


Israeli digital intelligence company Cellebrite shares begin trading on Nasdaq

Israeli digital intelligence solutions company Cellebrite’s solution is used by thousands of leading agencies and companies


Isrotel cancels NIS 25m. dividend payout after public outcry

Last week, Isrotel reported an impressive net profit of NIS 78.1 million for the second quarter of 2021 on revenues of NIS 450.8 million.


Stock market weakens when moms accompany children to first day of school - study

A study conducted by Hebrew University Prof. Zvi Weiner found that stock markets dip on the first day of school since many parents accompany their children and are absent from work.

A spark of comedic genius: Into the mind of Modi Rosenfeld

Join Tzipi Trope and Tzili Charney as they dive into the mind of famed Israeli-American comedian Modi Rosenfeld | Live - September 1 at 7:00 p.m. Israel time

Saar to expand court privileges, crack down on Arab crime

We have a problem that cannot be brushed off, Saar said, speaking at the funeral of the advisor to the Education Minister Sahar Ismael who was shot to death on August 15.

Israel’s airlines face mass layoffs, bankruptcy

The global aviation market faces a grim future due to the pandemic, as Israeli firms prepare for a labor strike.



Firefighters plant trees in charred Jerusalem area in symbolic event

Commanders of the fight against the Jerusalem-area fire two weeks ago planted trees near the six towns that were damaged by the fire on Monday.

Multiple upsets to open soccer campaign

Sakhnin tops Maccabi Tel Aviv • Hapoel Tel Aviv defeats Ashdod • Hadera holds Mac Haifa



Kanievsky says go to police over sexual abuse incidents

Comments made in video with head of victims support organization are the first such public ruling by the senior haredi leader

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