The Pizza Express which is closer to the 7-11 Is a restaurant you order off a menu. I went on the weekend for the Breakfast/brunch all you can eat. Which was really good. They set up the tables with so so so many choices...Had three...juices the orange juice was my favorite. Had three kinds of milks. I had strawberry and chocolate, 2 cereals, then you had fresh sliced fruits (Watermelon, pineapple, melons, papaya) loved the Ambrosia Salad. Then they had cakes of all different kinds, There was one I very much loved and I am not a Cake fan. Then they had breads, ham slices and cheese slices to make you own sandwich or you could use the penini grill which they had after the plates and near a microwave. Had pancakes which you could heat up in the microwave, had all kinds of jellies in a jar, peanut butter, sauces to use, then they had Empanadas, that were filled with different things, little pastry balls that also had a stuffing...Then these big crock pots that had I think the one was Oatmeal the other one was not familiar to me made me think of rice pudding but different texture, they these big warmers that had all your basic breakfast items, one had two kinds of sausages, another had scrambled eggs, another had bacon...There was so much its overwhelming ... I went both days Sat. and Sun. was a great breakfast for the price $10. a person. Would go back! On the other side of the shops farthest from 7-11 was a shop which I was told the owner is the same. Is the all you can eat Buffet next to the Salon. That they had buffet everyday never made them for the weekend. Went 4 times during the week and the food was good, always something there I liked! Simple home dishes, Everyday was something different...simple salad, Different rice dishes, one day had a yellow rice that had chicken shredded in it with carrots and peas. Had chick legs, thighs, Pork roast dish which was my favorite...Mashed Potatoes, one day they had a simple coleslaw... Again was something different everyday, was not a fan of the Spaghetti but again everyday I found something to like. For a $11. was not a bad deal for all you can eat! They sell pastries and the shop has Brazilian foods on the back wall. Like a mini grocery shop, cookies and candies on the counter for sale and behind register...Soups were available, had a couple of display cases of desserts one under the register, and frozen drinks, along with drinks were also for sale. The buffet had Brazilian coffee available, and it looked like shots of espresso...I am not a coffee drinker so thats all I could tell you about it. Would go back!More

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