Hopefully a lot of people who have never mined before or not mined recently are picking up their mining lasers and limpets in Kaushpoos. Ive seen a lot of questions, so I thought Id share what I have learned.

Ship Stuff
I have mined in a Type 6 and a Clipper, but almost any ship will work if it has enough internals. You will need:
* Cargo Space
* Refinery
* Mining Lasers
* Prospector Limpet Controller (1A)
* Collector Limpet Controllers (Size affects how many limpets it can control, grade affects how long before limpets time out. I run with 2x 3A)
* Limpets (in Munitions at Station Services, fill your cargo hold about 75% full)
* Optional: Shields and defensive weaponry

All of these can be purchased at Neville Horizons in Kaushpoos.

Where to Mine
You want metallic rings with Pristine reserves. I mine in the A ring of 38 Lyncis 4 for this CG, because its only a few jumps away and there is a station 30Ls away to buy limpets at. You can also mine at HIP 43296-5, which is closer to the jump point but its around a brown dwarf so watch your heat.

You dont need to be in a RES, just ram into the ring somewhere and youll auto drop out.

Finding Palladium
Drop into the appropriate ring and find a rock. Fire a Prospector done at it. Select the prospector drone in Contacts, and when the drone hits the rock it will report composition. If you want only Palladium, pass on any rock that isnt at least 20% Palladium. Lesser rocks may be tempting but if you mine a rock that has 5% Palladium you will probably get less than a ton. I also mine rocks with lots of Painite, Platinum and Gold, because I cant not. I just cant.

If you find you cant select a Prospector in contacts, which happens to me with annoying frequency, knock a chunk off the rock with your lasers. This seems to reset something and allows you to select the prospector to check out what the rock is made of.

Collecting Palladium
Once you have a nice rock, drop all of your collector limpets and pew pew the rock until the nice lady tells you to stop. Let your collectors finish gathering up all the loose chunks, then start prospecting more rocks.

Note that your collectors have two behaviors. If you select a chunk, and then launch the collector, theyll retrieve it and then die. Thats no good. You need to have a non-collectable object selected (the prospector, another collector) when you launch them, so that theyll collect everything that drops nearby until they expire. Or fry themselves on your mining lasers. Or ram into a quickly rotating asteroid.

Returning Palladium to the CG
Fly back to Neville Horizons in Kaushpoos. If you havent yet, accept the CG on the Bulletin Board. Then, and only then, sell the Palladium on the Market. Its worth checking out the Bulletin Board for Painite, Platinum, and Osmium missions, as you have likely picked up some while mining and these pay significantly more than the Market does.

Thats what I can think of off the top of my head. Any other tips our experienced miners have to share?

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