Minecraft villagers can provide the player with endless amounts of overpowered weapons, tools, armor, and more. Most players do not use villagers to their full potential, which results in slower progression through the game.

The image above showcases a librarian villager trading hall, which allows the player to acquire any enchanted book they desire. The trading hall is just one example of using villagers to their true potential.

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Top 5 trading tips for villagers in Minecraft

#5 - Fletcher Stick Trade

The fletcher villager looking suspiciously at the Minecraft player (Image via qtoptens)

For those unaware, the fletcher villager provides one of the best trades in Minecraft. They will trade one emerald for 32 sticks.

Players who complete this trade multiple times will be able to spend the newly acquired emeralds on better-quality trades. This will also help the villager level up.

#4 - Trading Hall

Another amazing villager trading hall (Image via u/vin455 on Reddit)

Villager trading halls are a time-consuming but amazing way to efficiently utilize villagers with the best trades.

By selectively breeding villagers, players can keep the ones with the best trades in their trading halls. If labeled correctly, the player will easily be able to find and trade with a specific villager.

Trading halls also give players another excuse to create a massive build.

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#3 - Change their Job

An unemployed villager in Minecraft (Image via u/TBGKryptoBlox on Reddit)

Minecraft players can change the profession of an unwanted villager if they want to.

If a player hasnt traded with a villager, they can break their job block to change their profession or keep it the same by replacing the same job block. The purpose of this is to acquire better quality trades.

#2 - Raid Discount

A raid with a funny looking pig in the back (Image via OMGcraft on YouTube)

Some players may not know that they can get a discount on trades after defeating a raid.

Before starting a raid, players must ensure that they are sufficiently prepared for a difficult battle.

The video above explains how to acquire the hero of the village status effect.

#1 - Do not sell out the villager

A bunch of greedy villagers in Minecraft (Image via Graymerk on YouTube)

Villagers in Minecraft will permanently increase the price of any trade that is sold out. This is obviously unwanted for most players and can luckily be avoided.

For those unaware, the villagers will restock all of their items once they work on their job blocks.

Minecraft villagers usually work at their job blocks twice a day, which is quite often, especially for the more valuable trades.

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Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh

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