For those of you here who are new to this sub, heres something to help you get you acquainted with the vocabulary and culture around here. Ive included a list of definitions for the most commonly used phrases:

DD: Double down. Any time someone mentions a stock and the acronym DD in the same sentence, theyre telling you to throw all your money at it because its a promising investment looking to increase in value.

TDM: Threatening downward movement. Means said stock is bound to plummet and a bad buy, so best to sell whatever positions you have on it.

Short: This means short term investment. If someone tells you to short a stock, you should buy a good amount of it because because itll skyrocket soon and you wont want to miss out. Short time left to invest before increasing = short

Long: Means to sell a stock or avoid buying a stock completely. Said stock is long gone
down the toilet and is a trash investment.

Options: Basically what options you have when it comes to investing. Spoiler alert, there are only two options for every stock: buy or sell. I guess some people here still dont understand that and constantly ask what are my options?, does this stock have options? etc.

Pump and dump: means a stock is guaranteed to increase in value exponentially without stopping. Easy money. If someone tells you a stock is a pump and dump, Id personally invest my life savings into that stock. Youll be so pumped about your new earnings and relaxed about the future, causing you to be care free and not give a shit, hence the dump.

Well there you go! That should be useful to understanding a lot of posts around here. Just a reminder, homophobic and ableist slurs are NOT tolerated, so please refrain from using the f word and the a word

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