NSE stock PVR PVR Limited share price targets are below. These share price targets & forecast are valid for short-term, mid-term to long-term. If you just want tomorrows movements predictions for PVR Limited then click here or Forecast then click here or PVR Limited share price targets or view what Experts say about PVR Limited

Stock listed under Specialty Retail

Top price targets Weekly price targets Monthly price targets Yearly price targets Intraday price targets

As on 01 Wed Sep 2021 Current price of PVR Limited PVR is 1336.05 and trend of stock is towards downside and stock can be sold for price targets of 1335.71, 1300.66, 1170.59, 1202.45

Downside Target 1170.59
Downside Target 1300.66
Downside Target 1335.71
Upside target 1340.51
Upside target 1344.22
Upside target 1358.6
Upside target 1363.38
Upside target 1499.72

PVR Limited PVR Opened at 1335.95 & Closed at 1336.05 and moved inside a range of 1318.55-1345.00

Closing is 0.61% which is 8.0999999999999 points from previous closing of 1327.95

Pvr PVR share price targets for September month are 1353.74 on upside & 1309.98 on downside


These share price targets given for PVR Limited PVR are very strong targets and levels, and are valid for immediate and current trading for the month of September 2021

Upside Price target 2125.00
Upside Price target 2076.65
Upside Price target 1994.10
Upside Price target 1908.70
Upside Price target 1875.00
Upside Price target 1828.00
Upside Price target 1353.74
Downside Price target 1309.98
Downside Price target 1307.45

PVR Limited PVR share price target for year 2021


These are possible PVR Limited share price targets. These share price targets are valid for PVR Limited for 2021

First down price target 1330.75First up price target 1345.05
Second down price target 1318.55Second up price target 1348.65
Third down price target 1318.15Third up price target 1350.00
Fourth down price target 1316.00Fourth up price target 1410.00
Fifth down price target 1280.70Fifth up price target 1434.70
Sixth up price target 1439.55
Seventh up price target 1445.00

PVR Limited PVR share price target tomorrow IntraDay


As on 01 Wed Sep 2021 PVR Limited PVR is trading at 1336.05 and its nearest share price targets are 1327.3 on downside and 1353.75 on upside. Weekly share price targets Yearly share price targets Monthly share price targets Intraday share price targets All share price targets

First down price target 1321.4First up price target 1346.63
Second down price target 1320.6Second up price target 1347.85
Third down price target 1312.63Third up price target 1349.4
Fourth down price target 1306.75Fourth up price target 1359.65
Fifth down price target 1306.4Fifth up price target 1364
Sixth down price target 1297.32Sixth up price target 1365.32

PVR Limited PVR share price target | weekly targets


These are possible PVR Limited weekly share price targets. The stock can touch or cross these levels during weekly trading sessions.

First down price target 1300.82First up price target 1355.1
Second down price target 1298.22Second up price target 1356.53
Third down price target 1287.15Third up price target 1385.85
Fourth down price target 1284.43Fourth up price target 1400.58
Fifth down price target 1260.08Fifth up price target 1407.02
Sixth down price target 1249.95Sixth up price target 1456.48
Seventh down price target 1243.42Seventh up price target 1475.72
Eight up price target 1477.68
Ninth up price target 1500.72

PVR Limited PVR share price target | monthly targets


These are possible PVR Limited share price targets. The stock of PVR Limited can try to reach, or even cross these levels in monthly sessions.

First down price target 1317.47First up price target 1388.73
Second down price target 1258.17Second up price target 1421.73
Third down price target 1257.43Third up price target 1438.07
Fourth down price target 1234.73Fourth up price target 1461.47
Fifth down price target 1186.92Fifth up price target 1467.37
Sixth down price target 1181.68Sixth up price target 1515.52
Seventh down price target 1161.73Seventh up price target 1522.73
Eight down price target 1013.37Eight up price target 1541.48

PVR Limited PVR Recent prices


Date Close Open Range Volume
01 Wed Sep 20211336.051335.951318.55
31 Tue Aug 20211327.951334.001316.00
30 Mon Aug 20211334.801324.551321.00
27 Fri Aug 20211324.351310.051280.70
26 Thu Aug 20211300.101310.001295.00


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