Here are 15 must-read books on investing, stock markets, and trading

Humanity was revolutionized by books. Individuals were able to borrow knowledge from others. An area such as investing, where previous knowledge is disproportionately valuable, is where books are invaluable.

The following are some of the most essential books on investing and the stock market from that perspective.

Best Investing Books

1. Peter Lynch’s One Up On Wall Street

Peter Lynch, the author of the book, was one of the best fund managers of his time, averaging 30% a year for 13 years.

Would you like to invest?

Beginners will find the book to be an excellent read for understanding the basics of investment before getting started.

This book discusses everything from preparing to invest, how, when, and why to long-term investment approaches. Details of the various stocks in the market and the approach to buying each are also mentioned.

2. Benjamin Graham: The Intelligent Investor Overview of stocks in the market and how to choose investment strategies

The book was written by Benjamin Graham, who was the mentor of the world’s greatest investor, Warren Buffet. The stock market bible is called that for good reason.

Brilliantly explained are the fundamentals of the stock market. There are three parts to this book.

The defensive investor’s approach to investing. Secondly, this concept explains market behavior and Thirdly, it describes risk management.

3. Beating the Street- Peter Lynch

A classic book has been written by Peter Lynch, manager of the Magellan fund at Fidelity Investments.

Individual investors will find this book very helpful for long-term value investment opportunities. 

4. Warren Buffet’s Way- Robert G. Hagstrom

It’s one of the best books for learning how Warren Buffett invests, diving into how he approaches investing in stocks.

It is easier to follow and understand the book due to its simple language. With Warren Buffet investing, you can avoid reading all the high-faulting words and do it the way Buffet does.

Indie-authored books about investing in stocks

The following books explain investing in India from an Indian perspective. They are great books to read if you are looking to invest in India. As well as covering how to invest in the Indian market, they also cover the basics.

5. Stocks to Riches – Parag Parikh

The book explains in excellent detail everything there is to know about Indian stock markets.

Writing in a simple, easy-to-understand language is the key to the book’s success. As an amateur investor, you could make a number of mistakes in the book. In the stock market, you cannot afford to learn from your own mistakes since there is so much money at stake.

6. How to earn money consistently in the stock market by avoiding losses – Prasenjit Paul

Prasenjit Paul outlines the strategies that have helped him gain consistent returns from the Indian stock market during his personal take on investing in tearn money consistently in the stock market by avoiding losses – Prasenjit Paulhe market. There’s a 2 minute strategy, explained in very simple terms, for short-listing and rejected stocks before any detailed analysis.

7. Behavioral Finance and Value Investing – Parag Parikh

It contains all the relevant details about the Indian market and is well structured. There are 12 chapters in this book. The book focuses on value investing and demonstrates that over the long run value stocks have given best returns to its investors.

Unlike most blogs and websites on the internet, the book focuses on the important topics that are typically missed.

For someone looking to invest in the Indian stock market, this is a must.

8. ‘Bulls, Bears, and Other Beasts’ by Santosh Nair

A brief history of the Indian stock market postliberalization is given in the book which follows an exciting journey through Dalal Street.

In addition to providing understanding of the financial health of the country, this book examines the events leading up to the present stock-market operations, such as tech booms, tax evasion, banks and money laundering, scams, crashes and fixers.

9. Investing in India – Rahul Sarogi

Rahul Sarogi, managing director of Atyant Capital and value investor, has written a book on the value investing opportunities in the country today. India offers many investment opportunities today, and the book discusses how you can take advantage of them.

In this video, Mr. Sarogi explains how to differentiate value stocks by examining their financial strength, relative opportunity, business fundamentals, and capital allocation.

It also covers the entire ecosystem of investing in the stock market, from government to politics to other market influences.

Stock Market Investment Books In Hindi

10. The Intelligent Investor (Hindi Edition)- Benjamin Graham

In this classic book from Benjamin Graham, learn how analyzing a company and hedging long term risks can teach beginners how to become intelligent investors. There is no major emphasis on short-term gains in the book, but rather long-term gains.

11. Share Market Se Kaise Banaye Mene 10 Crore (Hindi)-Nikolas Darvas

The 39-year-old Nikolas Daravas earned 10 Crores from the stock market by investing just a small amount of money.

Describes the techniques, experiences, and lessons related to this incident in the share market world in this classic book. Investing offers all the rules in a very clear and simple manner in this book.

12. Nivesh Kare, “Kaise Stock Market Main” – HINDI (Hindi) Hardcover -CNBC TV18 (Author)

Your hard-earned money will be invested in the right place with the help of the book. Investing basics are discussed in the book, as well as the pros and cons of investing.

13. A trained professional trader with Yuvraj Kalshetti as his mentor

Educating readers on the Essentials of Capital Markets (Share, Commodity, Currency and F&O) is Yuvraj Kalshetti’s book.

Trading analysis systems worldwide are based on technical analysis, which Tradeniti explains. Throughout the course, you will learn about the history of Technical Analysis, the foundations of Technical Analysis, candles, formations, impact and psychology behind Technical Analysis. Since it is a tool used by the majority of investors worldwide, the book also discusses fundamental analysis.

Best stock trading books in India

14. Jitendra Gala’s Guide To Indian Stock Market

You will learn how to invest your hard-earned money in the book. Making smart investment decisions is easier if you use this tool. As a result of this book, you can make more intelligent investments since it shows you sectors that will give you high returns.

15. Investing in the Stock Market: Everything You Need To Know-CNBC TV 18

To cover all aspects of investing in the stock market, the book uses simple Financial language without scary jargon.

Essentially, this book helps give a total understanding of everything about investing, from financial planning and inflation to equity investing strategies, value averaging, and how market volatility can be used for risk mitigation.

Through the book, you will be able to make complicated stock investment tasks simple and enjoyable in the end, resulting in major rewards. For beginners, this is an extremely important first step, and for those on the sidelines, it is an actual trigger point.

Disclaimer: These are the opinions of the author. 

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