Im extremely disappointed and unhappy about being left no option at all, BUT to report TCF publicly here. Overall, having been a customer for just over a month now, this company has very unethical and inappropriate behavior being displayed by their only support channels being telegram channels where only 1 or 2 people actually even respond to inquiries, and disregard/not answer &/or ignore your inquiries, consistently, plus theyve billed me and taken payment yet locked me out of my trading account (i have not violated any of the rules, nothing done on my end to trigger a account disabling) due to THEIR OWN BACKEND PROBLEMS that for some magical never heard-of reason being you have to manually contact us once payment is made and we will TRANSFER YOUR INFORMATION TO THE RELEVANT TEAM AND THEY WILL THEN TAKE CARE OF IT in a timeframe of half a day later, a full day later, after the weekend, or so. So to share more context/details; a. Countless times over a month, inquiries have been completely ignored, other times theyve been answered extremely unclearly/with a lot murkiness/answering with words that actually arent answering the questions asked at all, meaning a lot of deferring tactics to keep delaying having to give a real answer, and/or sending you on a loop of this team that team follow up will happen later, etc.... we all know the drill. Basically, no help given, no answers given, but the words and going through the motions are done by TCF, but without addressing nor answering the questions actually asked at all. At no point, even upon asking specifically for real support, by a real person via direct emailing, or a phone call, or with a person who can actually answer the questions with authority, will they ever offer you this real support by a real person with the authority and knowledge to do so. So, basically, their entire support system is not a support system, as they are not actually answering your questions there, if somebody does even answer your questions on a telegram chat as theyre just going through the motions without addressing and answering nor fixing the inquiries made. b. unethical and inappropriate professional behavior to unethically influence/push/instigate a customer to leave a positive review here on trustpilot about their customer service. Literally, the same person who at several points previously disregarded, did not answer, ignored, my questions to him/her (i dont know as these are telegram support channels, no idea who a person is on the other side of that channel), then suddenly out of nowhere trying to ask me to leave a positive review on trustpilot of their team (customer service), using inappropriate tactics such as trying to utilize guilt-trip human psychology with words such as it would really boost the morale of our team if you could leave a positive review... (not exact words but very close, it would boost the morale of our team being exact words). Then following with more unethical and inappropriate professional behavior when I declined doing so very politely with very clear professionally acceptable explanation, further inappropriate behavior such as oh, well Im very close to all our members and its no problem with them, and so i thought the same of you, sorry, and no problem.... (again, not exact words, but the same meaning, with im very close to all our members and its no problem with them..... i thought the same of you.... being his/her exact words). Again, more unethical, inappropriate, unprofessional behavior being continuously displayed further, after initiating the inappropriate conversation inappropriately himself/herself directed at me. Remember, this is the same support contact person that had previously disregarded, ignored, not answered inquiries already, previously. And, this is a company, with customers, all done remotely, and to mention such things as it wasnt a problem with other members, im very close to all the members, so i thought it would be same with you.... all in entirety being extremely inappropriate, unprofessional, and out of place, being done by a company to its customers. c. VERY unacceptable business practices altogether regarding payments and payment plans and customer access to paid services. I.E. I have a monthly subscription, after my first month, after TCF took payment of my second month payment (automatic, all set by them upon signing up), they locked me out of access to the paid services i PAID FOR. No support on that, no real answers on that, only answer being were closed now, wait 12 hours or more for them to fix it... With no additional support options, no conversation, no clarity, and no willingness to address how shady all this is. VERY DISAPPOINTING. *** UPDATE after waiting a whole day of further blatant disrespectful behavior by traders central, and a LOT OF IGNORING HELP REQUESTS ALTOGETHER; a. Upon my own personal experience, AND, observing how their support staff treats people on a public group help channel on telegram, which is also the ONLY PLACE WHERE TRADERS CENTRAL ALLOWS ANY TYPE OF ASKING FOR HELP OR SUPPORT ANYWHERE, it has become very apparently clear that most of their positive reviews online are fake, fabricated, or manipulated utilizing a network of people and reach they have internally. So many reviews point out their amazing customer service, their very fast and thorough support service, their CEO himself offering support in these help channels, HOWEVER, ALL OF THESE ARE LIES. One good look through their active and real-time customer support on telegram immediately contradicts all of these claims and anybody who joins their group help channel can see this fact themselves within a few minutes of observing how rude their help support staff are, how they dont even speak efficiently coherent english at that, how many help inquiries are completely ignored and never answered, the countless times where a staff member will request please pm me, and i can clarify from personal experience, that many times, this is just another one of their tricks to get you off the publicly viewable group help channel where every member can see and read everyone elses help requests along with responses by the support staff of traders central, and then once you PM them, so many times they will completely ignore you on there as well. b. I have no access to the services that I HAVE PAID FOR, WITH NO SUPPORT ON IT, NO RESPECTFUL NOR PROFESSIONALLY ACCEPTABLE FOLLOW UP, ANSWERS, CLARITY, NOTHING. For clarity, i am on their monthly subscription plan, and just yesterday my second month billing went through and they took my payment. And at the same time, they have disabled my access to the exact services that I just paid them for, for a second month. Their only answer so far ALL DAY AFTER MULTIPLE ATTEMPTS AT GETTING A PROPER, CLEAR ANSWER AS TO WHY, HOW IT WONT HAPPEN AGAIN, SOMETHING IS ODD HERE.... inquiries, has been our office is closed now. wait until they open.... your monthly billing date was on a weekend, so you have to wait until the office opens..... And to be clear, YES, THAT IS HOW RUDE THEY HAVE BEEN TO ME, not just one of these customer support staff, but all of them so far, maybe there are others who arent as rude, nor incompetent, nor completely ignorant to customers requests for help, I wouldnt know, as Ive not experienced that yet. Bottom line here would be, traders central takes your money, accepts payment, as per their own set-up systems that a customer followed to initially sign-up and set-up the preferred payment methods, then blocks/prevents you, the paying customer, from having access to the very services you paid for, with no explanation, no apology, no clarity, no mitigation offerings to help offset and prevent the same problem and drastic inconveniences to their paying customers. If and when convenient for them, such as during their local time business hours, they claim that the respective team will follow up, which as of yet, I cant even testify as true, as it hasnt happened yet. It has been about 24 hours now, since they took payment of my second month subscription payment, and Ive still not once been contacted with efficient, professional, clear, informative, information on this error on their part, Ive had multiple countless help requests completely ignored, on their available telegram help support channels, and their dashboard help section which is the platform where paying customers use for the services we as customers are paying for, still absolutely nothing, no follow up, nothing. This is utterly disgusting, the amount of blatant lies this company has fabricated across all available online review platforms, even their youtube content strategies are manipulative, presenting misleading information, not addressing the real issues that their customers are experiencing, the blatant rudeness of their support staff in reality being the complete polar opposite of what their fabricated lying positive reviews that seem to be online, the blatant ignoring of customer help requests via every available contact channel. To add to confirming all of these shady illegitimate falsely misleading consumers agenda traders central seems to be operating on, this company doesnt allow for any customers to call them via a phone number, nor doesnt allow any refunds either as per their rules and regulations on their website. Beyond all the other typical red flag warnings this company has displayed already, these additional factors further point to....... Would you trust this company? Would you believe a word they say or claim whether from a support staff, a positive review online, statements they make on public content they publish.... anywhere? Would you feel comfortable paying them for any services? ***attached are pictures proving them completely ignoring questions altogether. this happens A LOT!!!

We worked with one of the best companies. After working for a week, I made $ 5,000 and I am very satisfied with the management of the company and the support


Working on a 50k monthly subscription account with them, so far the experience is quite good, best is their 24/7 available telegram support, hope to progress further with them. 💪🏽

Hi all, I started to hear about TCF around end of January and started to do a little digging around to see what this firm was all about. I joined the telegram chat and honestly, hands down they have the best support team and CEO out there. For a CEO and company to adjust their business model around the needs of the traders is exactly why i joined them, i took the 100K OTF aggressive challenge, i had managed to pass the challenge and received my contract and funding in April, i received my first withdrawal plus my fee refund on 25th April and it came within a few hours of request..insane. At first i was sceptical about using mt5 as i have always used MT4 so it did take a little time of getting used to on that front, however its a really nice application to use and im getting more used to it. TCF are extremely transparent and have always been there to help around the clock and even the weekends, i look forward to new exciting updates they bring to the table. I dont doubt TCF are definitely up there as one of the top firms and can very well be the best. Unlike many firms TCF fund their traders in live accounts which is also great! If i were to have one improvement which i know there will soon be implemented is the withdrawal methods, right now i use paypal but fees are typically high, so i know with the future of TC Crypto exchange it will be far easier and cheaper to withdraw. I look forward to continue my trading with TCF and watch the company grow!

I came into contact with trade central over a year ago and it took me time to pass evaluation trying several and trade central have always been true to their words.the payment is quick and honesty is the my main attraction to tcf.they are a great company to start with to build your wealth if you are a good trader that lack capital to start your trade business.

I had a wonderful experience with the fund, I immediately had a good relationship with the CEO, I have to thank him because he was very helpful especially at the beginning where I had some doubts, I had good results on the account with a monthly plan, I did several withdrawals and I was very satisfied, at the moment I am carrying out the aggressive test. I believe it is one if not perhaps the best fund around and I recommend it to everyone.

I can’t say enough about Traders Central. Everything, especially the customer service is exceptional. 10/10 recommend

Requested my second withdrawal this week. Customer support is great and always available to assist me. I like how the CEO is always always contributing to the community group.

Still checking it out , so far so good

Great company, good opportunity to work with

Spreads to high. Lot sizes too low


Hello, Thank you for your review. We have introduced our zero spreads broker this week, you can contact us to be switched to that broker.

Posted 7 months ago

I can only put one trade a time and thats not good, and the low lots. It doesnt even count my margin with the stoploss.


Hello, Thank you for your review please note the plan youre on have a 1:3 leverage. Visit the position guide to help you allocate lot sizes better.

Posted 7 months ago

the spread fee is a little bit high for scalpers and i think it is good to add indices

I really like the way things are run at Traders Central. They make sure to cultivate a good relationship with their clients and they attend to any issues you may have very quickly.

Before finding out about Traders Central, I had patronized different prop funds but none of them have treated me as well as Traders Central. I am definitely here to stay!

Their products are best opportunities for the best fx traders.

No other platform provides for holding Trades overnight and over the weekend. Support is quicker than a bot. Traders central is taking over

An excellent customer service

Im in need of a funds for me to succeed in my business

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