Matt McCall Investorplace Review: Over the last decade, Matt McCall has emerged as an influential investor known for publishing helpful books, writing engaging articles, and delivering speeches that educate and energize audiences.

Don’t confuse him with Coach Matt McCall who works with the UMass Minutemen men’s basketball team! They’re both extremely successful men, but they have very different lives and niches.

Who Is Matt McCall, Investor?

Matt McCall graduated with a bachelor’s degree in finance from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. Later, he attended the University of Colorado, where he earned an MBA in Finance. His early education introduced him to many of the concepts that he would use to become a successful investor and financial advisor.

McCall started his career as a stockbroker at Charles Schwab. He soon left the organization to work with Wall Street Radio as the Chief Technical Analyst. He also co-hosted the radio program “Winning on Wall Street,” which aired daily across the nation.

Matt displayed an astounding ability to analyze stocks and predict future movements in the market. The show attracted an avid fan base, but McCall decided to leave and form his own business.

McCall founded Penn Financial Group (PFG) in 2004. He currently serves as PFG’s founder and president.

PFG focuses on giving clients sound investment advice to grow wealth. The group takes a balanced approach to investing that includes traditional and newer strategies, such as profiting from market volatility by buying and selling shares within a short amount of time. 

Other McCall ventures include:

  • Crowdvest, a crowdfunding platform he has since sold.
  • Crowdvest Securities, a FINRA/SEC-registered broker-dealer.
  • Point B Publishing Company, which McCall has used to publish and distribute his books.

Matt McCall has worked as a co-host with Fox Business Network and contributed to shows on Fox News Channel.

Is InvestorPlace a Reliable Source?

InvestorPlace has a positive reputation among its users. That doesn’t mean you should always follow the advice you find as a Premium Member. No one can accurately predict how the market will change.

One positive feature about InvestorPlace is that it gives readers investor profiles like conservative, moderate, and aggressive. If you know that you want to pursue an aggressive strategy, you can focus on posts filed under that category. If you’re nearing retirement and want to take a conservative approach that protects your portfolio, you can focus on conservative articles.

InvestorPlace has eight other investment professionals in addition to Matt McCall. Having a fairly large team gives Premium Members access to diverse opinions. At the end of the day, though, you must decide which perspective will move you closer to your investment goals.

Of course, some people claim that InvestorPlace is a scam. While some of the advice might not lead to success, it’s hard to take “scam” accusations seriously. InvestorPlace publishes a lot of material. It can’t hit the mark every time.

Unfortunately, InvestorPlace makes it nearly impossible for potential Premium Members to learn the price of joining until they provide their contact information. Careful internet users might find this suspicious. You have to understand your own level of risk before you can decide whether to become a Premium Member.

Matt McCall Crisis Portfolio Themes

Recently, Matt McCall has drawn attention to taking advantage of crisis portfolio themes. Covid-19 offers an excellent example of how a crisis creates opportunities for investing success.

When it became apparent that Covid was a pandemic that would harm people and businesses around the world, markets experienced an initial “gut punch” that forced stock prices down.

Many knew that the government would inject stimulus money into the economy, though, so it made sense for people with access to capital to buy stocks as quickly as they could. Interestingly, the stimulus created a rally that happened earlier than expected. The result wasn’t a struggling market. Instead, markets reached a new high.

McCall’s crisis portfolio themes include the convergence of several trends, including:

  • 5G
  • Internet of things (IoT)
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Transportation 2.0 (e.g., electric cars)
  • Blockchain that keeps a public ledger of transactions
  • The future of health care (e.g., telehealth apps)
  • Genomics that provide much faster responses to health problems
  • Work-from-home (WFH) stocks (e.g., apps fitness, communication, and project management)

McCall makes an excellent point when he explains the changing landscape of investing. Investors that want to sweeping returns need to look for opportunities with long-term potential. McCall, for example, has owned health in telehealth stocks for years. They performed decently in the past. This year, they skyrocketed.

He knew that the healthcare industry would eventually make telehealth an essential part of its infrastructure. Now, his expectation has been filled because healthcare groups were forced to find ways of working with patients remotely during the pandemic.

Matt McCall Books

Matt McCall has written two books that offer an insider’s perspective on choosing stocks that generate substantial earnings.

Matt McCall published his first book, The Swing Trader’s Bible: Strategies to Profit From Market Volatility, in 2008. He co-wrote the day trading instruction manual with Mark Whistler.

McCall published The Next Great Bull Market: How to Pick Winning Stocks and Sectors in the New Global Economy in 2009. He co-authored the book with Tobin Smith.

Recently, Matt McCall has focused on writing blog posts for his MoneyWire column on InvestorPlace. Anyone can read his MoneyWire posts. More in-depth, actionable advice, however, gets published behind a paywall for InvestorPlace members. He covers diverse topics like:

  • Investing in cryptocurrencies
  • Long-term investment strategies
  • Earning life-changing returns as an early investor

What Is Matt McCall’s Net Worth?

It’s very difficult to estimate a person’s net worth. Even accountants working with celebrity investors struggle to determine net worth because property and stock values fluctuate often.

As an outsider looking in at Matt McCall’s world, it becomes even more difficult because you don’t have access to his financial documents.

Some people assume that he has a net worth between $1 and $5 million. He’s probably a multimillionaire but nowhere close to becoming a billionaire. Still, he’s a relatively young man with a lot of time to build wealth.

Matt McCall Track Record

Matt McCall has a surprising track record of success. As mentioned above, he has accurately identified emerging technologies like telehealth as excellent investment options.

His appearances and publications also show that he has a keen sense of what will become more valuable to consumers and businesses in the near future. He’s a person worth paying attention to.

Matt McCall InvestPlace has a lot of good points that you should explore. Luckily, he makes a lot of his content free for everyone to read. Spend some time with his posts to determine whether he has an investment perspective that appeals to you.

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