“ Slightly increases the chance for a Youtuber Customer to enter your restaurant naturally! (Stacks) „


The Silver Play Button is a limited item that slightly boosts the chance of a YouTuber Customer from going to your restaurant. This item has 2 other counterparts, the Diamond Play Button and the Gold Play Button. 500,000 were sold, costing 75K Cash.png cash each. It is only now obtainable through reselling in the Auction House. The following formula calculates the multiplier of YouTuber customer probability:

denotes the number of Silver Play Buttons and is Eulers number. There is theoretically no limit, however, due to rounding constraints, the maximum effect (x6) is reached at 65 of these.


  • This is the only Play Button that did not cost Robux.pngRobux during its initial release.

Play Button Multiplier

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