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You have entered a sub where 90% of the posts are newbie Investors hyping tech stocks. You want a recommendation for a buy seemingly without any motivation to do your own DD. People start recommending you a ton of tech stocks who all have seen huge growth already in 2020.

Just buy a Nasdaq ETF if you want to participate in that hype, or just stick to World ETFs.

Until a crash happens, which might take forever, every single recommendation here will be US and CN EV and Tech stocks. Thats all what many people here ever invested into, never experienced a bear market. People here think that a drop to the value two days ago is a huge dip...

[–]Johnny__bananas 7 points8 points9 points  (14 children)

Im a new investor, super small time.

But.....even i can see on the horizon that clean energy is going to take off. Even if the market is high right now and im not buying during a dip, its still worth it IMO.

How can you go wrong when countries around the globe are going to be throwing money into an alternative energy source that has shown so much promise. That and the fact our planet desperately needs us to switch to more carbon friendly energy sources.

[–]ganbaro 13 points14 points15 points  (10 children)

Hey, I dont want to stop you from picking stocks you believe in. I just want to warn you from listening to other beginners who started trading in a bullrun.

I am investing in clean energy myself, so I am not stopping you. The thing with /r/stocks is, they will recommend you hype stocks untik the very peak, then in the dip after, and if a real bear market arrives everyone obviously knew beforehand that it happens, because they are all geniuses :) Truth is, everyone of us is hunting for the next TSLA, including myself. If not we would be in some FIRE sub talking about World ETFs. Its just that now discussions are dominated by newbies. Honestly, you find more valuabke advice in /r/wallstreetbets, you just have to dig out the gems between all the retard memes. But many people there went through the full cycle.of bear and bull markets repeatedly and made gains and losses in both.

Anyway, if you can reasonably argue your case for some clean energy stock, trade all you want!

Are you at some really cheap broker like Robin Hood in US or Degiro in EU? It can be a good experience to do your own trades in a super small scale if fees dont eat up all your gains. You might be more into it than with simulated trading and loosing 10€/$ because of some FOMO or panic selling is a very cheap lesson in the long run, 10/10 would buy again

[–]ganbaro 0 points1 point2 points  (0 children)

bad autobot deleted my post because of a stock which is neither a pennystock nor SPAC, so you will just get the short version now:

I own some of the hyped ones: Nel ASA (hydrogen), the one which starts with G and ends with evo (biofuel), Orsted (renewable energy plant operator)

However, atm I am focused more on Euro stocks: Verbio (biofuel, Germany), Nordex (Wind turbine manufacturer, Germany), Verbund (hydrogen plant operator, Austria). These might be difficult to get if you buy at the usual brokers in the US

I was lucky enough to sell some of my hype stocks at the right time (srsly, just luck), but the selloff after GME got me good still

[–]ganbaro 1 point2 points3 points  (1 child)

Regarding how you can go wrong with clean energy:

You can go wrong because you pick the renewable energy source which will grow the least.

Oil and coal producers might reduce prices so much that for some time renewable energy growth might be stalled without governmental intervention. If the stock price mooned before, just a short term of stalled growth might cause a huge downturn. It is very difficult to not get affected by the negativity on the market and sell just before the recovery, it happens to everyone at least once.

You might simply pick a manufacturer who cant keep innovating, or an operater who fails to find new attractive projects.

Right now, everything which somehow uses elevtricity and/or is connevted to the Internet seems overvalued, US stocks especially. Might be a wrong assessment in retrospect, but the growth of 2020 was unprecedated.

That sounds like I expect the world to go und er, but I am actually bullish. Just be aware that being bulkish doesnt mean you dont see.any risk :) I am invested in some clean energy stocks, eg Vestas, Ørsted.

[–]ridewithwill 4 points5 points6 points  (3 children)

well here is the thing, tech stocks will always be on the move till we figure out how to get out of this solar system. Since the beginning of humanity, we have always looked for ways to become more technological advanced. Yes, the stock market crashes every so often, but makes a recovery. And even professional investors are all in for tech stocks. They been saying the same thing about TSLA, AMZN, AAPL, BABA since the 90s. that it is going to crash, burst, or high risk; and sure they did crash, but nothing they couldnt recover from. New companies for sure will come and rise and take out a sector or brand; look what happened with blackberry.

But in a sense, it is not very difficult to follow the stocks on what the world is shifting to. Clean energy is a no brainer, Battery powered and its suppliers is a no brainer. Cloud computing, AI, advanced medicine, etc. You are really going to tell many of us that EV is not going to be the huge shift? that digitizing money is not shifting already? break through technological medicine is not the future? The true question would be, what companies will grow, stick and/or emerge? TSLA, yes it might be in a bubble territory right now, but WHAT IF, in the next 20 years they continue to dominate. we truly wont know if their stock price will hit 5k in 10 15 yrs.

Next best thing is just invest in Index funds or ETFs. they switch out accordingly and do the guess work for you. Even ETFs and index funds like VOO or VTI all have tech in them. in all honesty, what else are you going to invest in? PJ, JNJ? they still are looking for ways to become technological advanced medical or value.

[–]ganbaro 1 point2 points3 points  (1 child)

The difficulty is not knowing which sectors are likely to grow a lot long-term. The problem is that if you trade very agressively as a newbie private Investor, chances are that you wont:t be able to handle the fluctuation, psychologically and financially.

You dont benefit from rightly speculating a sector or stock will grow long-term if you sell the dip. People who buy AI,EV and such at ATH after almost a year of unprecedented growth are likely to be the ones selling the dip, and I feel bad seeing that newcomers from March/April tell newcomers today to throw money into hyped stocks they made insane growth with already, because they have no sensitivity for volatility since every dip 2020 was negligible and quickly catched-up.

I am not telling anyone to avoid tech, just to avoid listening to people who lucked out from going all in into PLTR,TSLA,NIO if you are so new with trading that you have no idea where to get useful information on financial data other than /r/stocks...

ETFs are indeed a good alternative for beginners. Something like a MSCI World or FTSE AWI and then overweighting tech or growth markets with EM,NASDAQ,ARK as a smaller position is a good choice for beginners imho

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