As part of this weeks Fortnite challenges, youll have to find and collect research books in Holly Hedges and Pleasant Park.

They can be quite tricky to find since these points of interest are quite large and have a decent amount of houses. Plus, when youre in a Battle Royale, every moment counts, so there isnt exactly time to search for research books.

Complete all the weekly challenges and youll be rewarded with some XP to boost your season level. Thankfully, our guide will help you find the research books if youre having trouble doing it on your own. There are eight different locations.

Pleasant Park

There are three research books in Pleasant Park. They are all in different houses, so you can decide your route depending on which direction youre coming from when approaching the area.

Research Book #1

The research book is inside the first house on the left side of Pleasant Park, the yellow house next to the soccer field. Enter through the door and turn right. The book is next to the tall bookshelf, near the dining table.

Research Book #2

The next research book can be found in the second house on the left, the white house next to the soccer field. If you enter through the front door you will spot the tall bookshelf, and right beside it, on the floor, you will notice the research book.

Research Book #3

The last research book is on the northern end of Pleasant Park. It is the red brick house, the one in the middle, directly north of the gazebo. Enter through the front door of the house and keep walking. Behind the dining table, in front of the bookshelf, is where youll find the book.

Holly Hedges

There are five research book locations in Holly Hedges. They are all in different houses, and here is where to find them.

Research Book #4

The first research book is on the southern end of this POI. The house its in is made of brick and is quite large, with a garage and a second floor. Enter through the front door and you will spot the book right next to the shelf.

Research Book #5

Next, in the southeastern part of the location, there is a tall yellow house. You will notice that it is three stories high. Enter the house, and on the lowest level, you will find the book next to the fireplace.

Research Book #6

This research book is in the yellow house on the northeastern corner of Holly Hedges. Enter the house through the front door and then turn right into the living room. The book will be on the floor in front of the bookshelf.

Research Book #7

The next book is in the house on the northwestern corner of Holly Hedges. Simply enter through the front door and the book will be next to the bookshelf in the hallway.

Research Book #8

The last book is inside the blue house, west of the big store in the middle of Holly Hedges. It is on the floor in the hallway, right in front of the door.

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