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The following is a list of APIs from ProgrammableWebs API directory that matched your search term. The ProgrammableWeb API directory lists APIs of different types. For example, Web/Internet APIs, browser APIs, and certain product APIs. From many of our API profiles, you can find your way to related SDKs, Tutorials, and sample source code for consuming those APIs. If your favorite API or SDK is missing or you have an idea for contributing content, be sure to check our guidelines for making such contributions to ProgrammableWeb.

API Name Description Category Followers Versions
StockGeist StockGeist is a stock market sentiment monitoring platform. The StockGeist API enables users to monitor more than 2200 companies mentioned on social media in real-time. Methods are available to... Stocks 1 REST v1
MindTime MindTime offers a time-based framework for understanding human thinking including perception, motivation, and behavior, as well as open source digital and analogue tools that measure and map... 2 Unspecified v1
mymappi REST Location APIs such as Geocoding, Roads, Directions and Places. Turn location into human-readable addresses and viceversa, get turn-by-turn navigation instructions in all transport modes and more... Location 13 REST v1
CloudCulate The CloudCulates REST API provides a way to communicate with Spreadsheets in real-time and consume spreadsheet data for Google Sheets® and XLSX Files. It allows you to integrate Spreadsheet data... Spreadsheets 5 REST
Prompty Server This API allows users to send notifications as well as retrieve other useful information, such as subscriber data and stats, from the Prompty web push notification service. Notifications 2 REST v1.0
Marketstack The marketstack data service provides access to API endpoints that include; End-of-Day Data, Intraday Data, Historical Data, Tickers, Exchanges, Currencies and Timezones. This is a JSON-based REST... Financial 6 REST v1.0
Push Technology Diffusion Cloud Diffusion Cloud provides a way to send billions of real-time messages. Diffusion is a real-time API management platform to move real-time data across the Internet and delivers data to tens of... Real Time 3 REST v6.4
Chargetrip The Chargetrip API integrates smart, EV-specific routing into products built for drivers of electric cars. Chargetrip gives developers access to the same powerful EV routing engine that is... Auto 3 RPC v3.0.1
Beetrack The Beetrack API returns delivery and logistics data. It includes routes, dispatch, vehicle, GPS, data, contacts, groups, and guide items. Beetrack provides real-time delivery tracking for... Shipping 5 REST v1
ejabberd The ejabberd API, returns messaging data from a platform and provides server features that are robust, scalable, and extensible using XMPP, MQTT, and SIP. ejabberd is a distributed technology that... Software-as-a-Service 1 REST v1.0
Phenix The Phenix API Streaming 2 REST v1.0 enables real-time stock trading information in applications connected via Websockets. Connected clients are able to access data associated with user trades, orders, subscriptions,... Cryptocurrency 5 Streaming v1.0
PubNub Websockets PubNub is a Push technology intended specifically for high-message-volume applications and games. It is a cloud-based, real-time messaging service for mobile phones, tablets, TVs, HTML5 web browsers... Real Time 9 Streaming v4.0
Microsoft Azure Time Series Insights The Microsoft Azure Time Series Insights API enables real-time data insights and interactive analytics in applications. The API provides the following endpoints to manage a Time Series Insights... Internet of Things 4 REST
UpLead Company Name to Domain The UpLead Company Name to Domain API allows developers to convert the name of a company to its website domain and logo. The match is based on company name based on website traffic. UpLead is a B2B... B2B 1 REST v2
UpLead Prospector The UpLead Prospector API allows finding contacts and emails associated with a company, job title, job function, management level, and location. Developers can make calls to the API that will return... B2B 3 REST v2
UpLead Person The UpLead Person API returns JSON data with a persons email address, first name, last name, location, phone number, and social links. The API retrieves data based on a domain name. UpLead is a B2B... B2B REST v2
UpLead Company The UpLead Company API retrieves company data using a domain name. Information includes company size, location, social links, and description. Developers can authenticate with an API Key to make... B2B 6 REST v2
Fidel UK The Fidel API retrieves global payment data in real-time. With the API, developers can implement cards, offers, locations, and transactions into applications. They can authenticate with an API Key to... Payments 1 REST v1
Fidel The Fidel API retrieves global payment data in real-time. With the API, developers can implement cards, offers, locations, and transactions into applications. They can authenticate with an API Key to... Payments 3 REST v1
iSports football The iSports Football API provides data about more than 1400 football (soccer) leagues and cups, including matches from 110 countries. Get live scores, lineups, schedules, results, player information... Sports 24 REST v1.0
Swim Swim provides services that allows developers to build real time streaming applications, and implements self-contained, distributed application stack in an embeddable software library. Streaming 9 Indirect
Mozilla Web of Thing Websocket Mozilla Web Thing provides a WebSocket service to make multiple requests to the Web Thing API, and that allows access to notifications for Web Thing events in real time. The webthing WebSocket... Internet of Things 5 Streaming
Index Exchange The Index Exchange API enables users to retrieve information about ad campaigns, earnings, manage data, update inventory... Advertising 1 REST
Nabto Cloud The Nabto Cloud API allows developers to control one or more domains on the Nabto IoT platform. The API uses Tokens for authentication. Nabto enables remote control of Internet of Things devices... Internet of Things REST v1.0.0

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