The table below shows our latest fund prices. Select a product to see the fund price history.

Download a history of fund unit prices to your computer. To open it again youll need to have Excel or a similar application. Internet Explorer users please note that selecting open rather than save may not display the information properly.

*The Yield is a measure of the income distributed by each Fund. Income can be received twice yearly or reinvested for you.
Note: that with the Pensions Funds and Climate Change Fund income is always reinvested (via Accumulation units).

The yields for all funds except the Virgin Money Bond and Gilt Fund are calculated using the Historic Yield basis. The Historic Yield reflects distributions paid by the fund in the past twelve months as a percentage of the unit price.

The yield for the Virgin Money Bond and Gilt Fund is calculated differently as it invests solely in fixed interest investments (bonds) where there is more certainty around future income in the form of coupons. The Fund uses the Distribution Yield method which reflects the amounts that are expected to be distributed over the next twelve months, as a percentage of the unit price.

Remember, yields may go down or up depending on the performance of the underlying assets and past performance is not a reliable guide to the future.

**Funds launched on 4 November 2020, fund price history is only available from this date.

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